Big Idea #1: Cheap Web HOSTING is Not a Bargain!


Slow Page Load Time Can COST a LOT More Than What You Save. 

Think in terms of Lost Leads, Lost Prospects, and Lost Customers.  Even with the very best web design and development, slow or unreliable hosting can kill your business!

Big Idea #2: Cheap Web DESIGN is Not a Bargain!


Cookie Cutter Websites Cranked Out by Cheap Designers Are Not Engaging and Don’t Produce Results

Think in Terms of Your Brand, Your Image, the Impression You Want to Make, the Response You Want from Visitors.  Good Website Design Includes Extra Work to Make the Site More Engaging, More Likely to Generate Leads, and more Search Engine Friendly with SEO.  We Build Websites That Work!

Types of Hosting: Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Shared Hosting – Simple Hosting good for Hobby Sites and Small Business Sites where the website is NOT mission-critical
    • You can get hosting like this for a few dollars a month, but you get what you pay for
    • Your site will run slower than on one of the other plans listed below and may be down more often
    • Your site will be sharing a server with a thousand or many thousands of other sites
    • Some of those other sites will be run by hackers or spammers who can infect the innocent sites on the same server, or earn them a blacklist rating that hurts business.
    • If any one site gets hot press that leads to a flood of traffic, or if the webmaster makes a mistake that crashes a site, – every other site on the server can also go down
    • GoDaddy, BlueHost, and HostGator are often mentioned in this group.  I know what is possible, and putting up with their slow servers makes no sense for anybody who is serious about their online presence.
  • Managed Virtual Private Servers (Managed VPS) – Still shared, but not as crowded
    • Good for membership/community sites, eCommerce, or other complex websites that are mission-critical
    • On this kind of server, the account owner usually can add several web sites as long as no one or the combination of them gets too much traffic
    • There are still various artificial limits, called throttles, imposed, to keep any one account from using too much of the server hardware or bandwidth,
    • and will have to know a few things about operating a server, like how to add databases, email accounts, and install some applications like WordPress.
    • This kind of hosting usually starts at about $15.00 a month and is similar to shared hosting except there are fewer sites on the server
    • And each one operates in its own virtualized hardware and software configuration that is “supposed” to keep each site completely separate from the others
    • Generally, problems from any one site won’t affect the other sites on the same server.  Still, there is only so much CPU, RAM, and bandwidth allowed for each site.
    • I know a few good ones and can direct you if you want to learn how to manage a web server, database server, and mail server.
  • Managed Dedicated Servers – Good for serious membership/community sites, eCommerce, or complex websites that do get a lot of traffic.
    • This kind of hosting usually starts at about $99.00 a month and can go up to $500 a month or more depending on bandwidth, site traffic, hardware needs, and etc.
    • Your site would be the only site on the server, and it would be able to handle almost any kind of complex website
    • A Small Business Site would be able to handle almost any amount of users per day, traffic (bandwidth) per day, or etc.
    • This is the kind of hosting I use (and share with my clients at a cost of $19.99 a month for most web sites.)
    • There are no spammers or hackers on the server because every account is a known client of mine.
    • My server has 8 CPU’s, an astounding amount of network bandwidth, RAM and Solid State Disks – No actual spinning disks – for much faster and crash-proof hosting.
    • We provide multiple layers of State of the Art server and site security, keeping all server software patched and up to date. 
    • Every client site is protected by a Privately Configured  Firewall
    • This server could handle 10 times as many sites, but we won’t do that because site speed would be impacted.  As it is,  there are no bottlenecks. Unlike normal shared hosting, if any site gets an unusual amount of traffic the other sites are not affected.
  • Managed Cloud Hosting – Good for VERY SERIOUS to HUGE sites like  
    • Theoretically, there is not just one server, but a cloud of servers all working behind the curtain like one supercomputer
    • These servers all take turns handling the visitors and bandwidth and providing the hardware resources on a flexible and as-needed basis
    • Technically, there are no real limits and no bottlenecks that can arise to impact site availability or site visitor experience
    • That being said, this kind of configuration works really well for giant or famous web sites… And the costs are astronomical.
    • Newer, smaller implementations claim to be useful for small business hosting, but I have my doubts that there are no bottlenecks, at least for the time being.

Our Hosting Clients Are On a Dedicated Server

 Lightning Fast Server Configuration, Reliable Service, Easy to Use Control Panel, Latest Server / Development Software Environment, System Management with Uptime Monitoring and a 99.9% Uptime Score! 
All Configurations Include the Full LAMP Stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP…   Plus anything you need, such as PostgreSQL… Python… PERL…  MariaDB or more.  One-Click Install for Leading Programs including WordPress… and more!
Hosting Reviews:

“I’ve changed servers before, and truly was dreading the hassle – because it’s always been awful. This time, however, was almost painless.” Karen… 2017
“When I signed up with you, my old hosting provider had already been down for 3 days. The last thing I needed was more delays. My sites were migrated within a day. Excellent service.” Jack… 2017


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